On-street bike parking corrals keep customers rolling in:


Bike Corrals on Chicago streets


Contact: Tony Giron, CDOT Bike Corral Program Manager

More information: Bike Corral Program Brochure and Bike Corral Program Brochure Presentation


What are on-street bike corrals?
On-street bike parking corrals are a low-cost way to provide parking for 10 or more bicycles in the same space typically occupied by a car.

Why install a bike corral?

Two municipal studies conducted in Toronto and San Francisco showed that “while motorists may spend more per visit, cyclists tend to visit [local merchants] more often, are more numerous, and spend more per month.”
These are some of the findings from a Portland State University study done on the economic benefits of bike corrals in Portland, Oregon:


What do customers think about bike parking corrals?


How much will it cost?

Initial costs: A basic 10-bike corral will cost between $2,500 and $3,000. These prices include the rack, installation, shipping, city permits, and delineator posts.

Annual costs: Yearly fees include a public way permit that costs $75. For bike corrals installed in a snow removal zone, expect to pay $800 per year to have the corral removed and re-installed.

Branding: For an additional $700 or more, Special Service Area providers can add attractive branding to the bike corrals. Local businesses can add decorative elements that complement the business.


What are people in Chicago saying about bike parking corrals?

“Our bike corral is a great addition to the streetscape. Businesses and people are so happy with that. We would like to put out another one.”   
—Jessica Wobbekind, Program Manager at Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce


“People are diggin’ it; they’re drawn to it as a special space for their bike. It’s on the street, but it’s safe.”
—Eleazar Delgado, owner of Café Jumping Bean in Pilsen


“The corrals are clearly being used. They advertise that Andersonville promotes healthier modes of transportation.”

—Brian Bonnano, Sustainability Programs Manager at eco-Andersonville



Contact us and we’ll show you how well a bike corral will work in your community:


Tony Giron, CDOT Bike Corral Program Manager

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