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Since 1993, Chicago has installed nearly 14,000 bike racks!

You can view our live database records for over 10,344 bike racks installed at 6,596 locations. Not all records are yet available.

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Request a new bike rack

Only the address field is required

Request a new bike rack
For criteria and considerations regarding new bike rack installations, please read our FAQ.

For example / Por ejemplo

  • 600 W Belmont
  • Belmont and Broadway

Please be as specific as possible. For example, Grant Park - near northwest baseball field" is better than just "Grant Park."

Address / Dirección 

Enter an address or location / Entrar una dirección


Or input additional information below to further assist us.

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Example: "coffee shop," "CTA station," or "Business Name"

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  • Information like nearby businesses, CTA stops, attractions...
  • Why should we put a bike rack here? We install hundreds of bike racks each year but several requests are unfulfilled.
  • How many people work here?
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Does your request involve any of the following?

Bike rack repair, maintenance or removal; Multiple bike racks on one block

Contact Us directly to discuss these issues.

If we cannot interpret your request, and you didn't provide contact information, we may not accept your request. Be specific - if you don't know the address, give the nearest intersection and describe the location.

Check on the status of your request

Choose one search method

Check on the status of your request

You can type in just a few numbers of the SR#, or the entire number. Examples are listed:

  • "07-" (find all rack requests made in 2007)
  • "07" (find all rack requests with the numbers "07" within the ServiceRequest#)

311 SR numbers begin with a two-digit year, followed by a dash, then eight digits.

Only rack records exactly matching the Tracking Number you input will be found. A Tracking Number is emailed to you when you request a new bike rack.

Acceptable formatting for Street Address searches:

  • 215 W Monroe
  • 215 Monroe
  • Monroe

The database will be searched for a range of addresses around the street number you search so fuzzy or imprecise searches are okay.


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